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Uniden GC45 Camera | Wireless Outdoor Accessory Surveillance Camera – Single

USD $149.99

Have peace of mind with the Uniden GC45 surveillance camera knowing that your office space or home is safe and secured. The GC45 camera comes in black, silver and white. Read our product review!


Uniden GC45 Guardian Extra Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Security Camera

With 20 infrared LED’s, the Uniden GC45 camera has a night vision range of up to 40 feet and a video transmission range of up to 500 feet. Please note that it is not compatible with the UDW video surveillance line.

The Uniden GC45 camera is a good investment for any home or office space. With pan and tilt capabilities as well as a high resolution, this surveillance camera helps you see more by viewing  at the perfect angle.

This particular camera is easy to install and pair with your current Uniden Guardian video surveillance system. With a whopping rating of IP66, the camera is weatherproof – enough to withstand direct exposure to rain and snow. The camera also comes with a built-in microphone allowing you to capture a full audio/visual footage.

Download and install the Guardian Surveillance App on any Apple or Android device to enjoy your live surveillance system while you’re away.

Important Information for the Uniden GC45 Camera:

The Uniden GC45 camera is an add-on to multiple Uniden wireless systems and is expandable to 4 cameras – monitor up to 4 rooms on one monitor!

Read our product review for Uniden GC45 Surveillance Camera.


  • Weatherproof (IP66)
  • Night vision
  • Video transmission range up to 500 ft.
  • Infrared cut filter switch for true daytime color
  • Easy DIY setup, no A/V wiring to install
  • Requires only electrical power
  • Secure, digital, interference free 2.4GHz FHSS video transmission
  • Multi-position camera stand
  • Compatible with Uniden Guardian series video surveillance systems: G455, G755, G766, G955
  • Color: Black

Type: Like New
Condition: Open Box
Packaging:  Box

Warranty: 3 Months

We offer a warranty period of 90 days for all our REFURBISHED products, during which we will be happy to repair/replace the item, if we are unable to provide a replacement or repair the item, we will issue a full refund.

In addition to refurbished items we do sell brand new products which have varied warranties. Please check the item description section to see the warranty for a specific product.

Click on the link below to download/view the GC45 Camera user manual.

Adobe User Manual for Uniden GC45 Surveillance Camera


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