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Uniden GUARDIAN G755 Wireless Surveillance System with 4 Cameras

USD $649.99

Overall System Features:

  • Remotely view live video anytime, anywhere via iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phones and Tablets, or PC computer
  • Remote mobile snapshot and remote video recording
  • Direct connection to Internet router with included charging cradle and Ethernet cable–no computer  required
  • Can Record on all cameras simultaneously
  • Motion Sensing, Scheduled, or Manual Recording
  • Easy to install with secure digital wireless transmission between Monitor and Cameras, no A/V wiring to install

Monitor Details:

  • 7″ (diag.) high resolution touch screen
  • Set-up and control system with intuitive icon based interface
  • 4-GB SD Card stores approx. 40-hrs. of video recording (accepts up to a 32-GB SD Card, not incl., for approx. 160-hrs. storage)
  • Quad, Full and Scan views
  • Portable or stationary use with internal rechargeable battery or included AC Adapter/Charger
  • English, Spanish, and French Menus

Camera Details:

  • IP66 Weatherproof Rating for outdoor and indoor use
  • Night Vision up to 40-ft.
  • Digital zoom
  • Built-in listening microphone
  • Up to 500-ft transmission range
  • Must be continuously plugged into an AC outlet with included AC Adapter
1)This is a true Wireless Security System. The term “wireless” refers to the Audio and Video (A/V) signal transmission between the Cameras and viewing Monitor. There are no wires connecting the Monitor and Cameras together, hence the term “wireless”. However, electrical power is required for both the Monitor and Cameras. The Monitor operates on rechargeable batteries, or can be plugged in with the included AC Adapter/Charger. The Cameras must be continuously plugged into an AC outlet with the included AC Adapters.
2) This System and all Components are NOT compatible with any components from any other Uniden Security System Series (UDW, UDR, and UDS-Series) and vice-versa. Normal and Nightvision Camera reception and distance may be significantly effected by component location, building construction, environmental conditions and/or other interference.

Type: Like New
Condition: Open Box
Packaging:  Box

Warranty: 3 Months

We offer a warranty period of 90 days for all our REFURBISHED products, during which we will be happy to repair/replace the item, if we are unable to provide a replacement or repair the item, we will issue a full refund.

In addition to refurbished items we do sell brand new products which have varied warranties. Please check the item description section to see the warranty for a specific product.


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The Guardian G755-4 Advanced Wireless 7-Inch Screen Video Surveillance System with 4 Outdoor Cameras features a 7-Inch color touch screen display. You can use the simultaneous multi-camera recording option to make sure you can capture everything. It comes with two outdoor night vision cameras and can transmit up to 500-Feet. It is expandable up to four cameras and features simple plug ‘n’ play to get you started. You can remotely view the video via the Internet option with your PC or Smart Phone.

G75543 Surveillance System

4Monitor your home or office and enjoy greater peace of mind with the Uniden Guardian G755-4 wireless video surveillance system. This advanced system is easy to set up and comes with a 7-inch portable touchscreen color monitor and two weatherproof cameras. The system is expandable and will support two additional cameras. You can record up to four cameras simultaneously to the included 4 GB SD card. With the monitor placed in the cradle and connected to the Internet via your router, you can also remotely access live video via iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ smart phones, tablets, or PCs.

Records to 4 cameras at the same time to included SD card

The Guardian G755-4 wireless video surveillance system comes with two weatherproof cameras and allows you to record up to 4 cameras at the same time. Supporting up to 4 cameras, each can be configured independently for scheduled, manual, or motion detection recording directly to the included SD card.

Secure, Dependable Wireless Transmission

This wireless video surveillance system uses 2.4GHz digital Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology for secure, dependable, and interference-free transmissions. The wireless design makes the system easy to set up and provides up to 500ft transmission distance.

View live video from any camera on your system

The Guardian system plugs directly into your router for a direct connection to the internet. Free iPhone and Android apps are available for your smart phone to view live video from any camera on your system anytime, anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. Live video can also be viewed on a PC through the UnidenVideo portal site which also allows you to record live video directly to the hard drive of the computer you are viewing on.

Night Vision for Monitoring after Dark

Monitor your property around the clock with this system’s night vision feature. Equipped with infrared LEDs, the cameras can record up to 40 feet in total darkness.

Portable High-Resolution 7-inch Color Monitor Provides Clear Video

Get a crystal-clear view of the surveillance area with this system’s 7-inch color touch screen LCD monitor. This high-resolution monitor is large enough for easy viewing, yet small enough for convenient placement just about anywhere. This portable monitor has a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery.