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VTech MA3222 Conference Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Mobile & Land line DECT 6.0

USD $34.99

DECT compatibility list for MA3222/MA3222-17/MA3222-16
# Brand Model # Brand Model # Brand Model
Vtech DS6151 Vtech CS6759 Vtech LS6181-13
Vtech CS6519 Vtech CS6759-2 Vtech LS6181-15
Vtech CS6519-14 Vtech CS6758-2 Vtech LS6181-16
Vtech CS6519-15 Vtech CS6759-3 Vtech LS6181-17
Vtech CS6519-16 Vtech CS6758-3 Vtech LS6425
Vtech CS6519-17 Vtech CS6829 Vtech LS6425-2
Vtech CS6519-19 Vtech CS6829-2 Vtech LS6425-25
Vtech CS6519-2 Vtech CS6859-2 Vtech LS6425-3
Vtech CS6519-24 Vtech CS6859-3 Vtech LS6426-3
Vtech CS6519-25 Vtech CS6858-3 Vtech LS6425-4
Vtech CS6519-26 Vtech CS6859 Vtech LS6426-4
Vtech CS6519-3 Vtech CS6829-3 Vtech LS6425-5
Vtech CS6519-4 Vtech CS6859-4 Vtech LS6426-5
Vtech CS6529 Vtech TR-2013 Vtech LS6475-2
Vtech CS6529-14 Vtech TR17-2013 Vtech LS6475-3
Vtech CS6529-15 Vtech TR16-2013 Vtech LS6476-3
Vtech CS6529-16 Vtech TR2-2013 Vtech LS6475-4
Vtech CS6529-17 Vtech TR27-2013 Vtech LS6476-4
Vtech CS6529-18 Vtech TR26-2013 Vtech LS6476-5
Vtech CS6529-19 Vtech DS6511 Vtech IS7121
Vtech CS6529-2 Vtech DS6511-15 Vtech IS7121-2
Vtech CS6528-2 Vtech DS6511-16 Vtech IS7121-22
Vtech CS6529-24 Vtech DS6511-2 Vtech IS7121-3
Vtech CS6529-25 Vtech DS6511-3 Vtech SN6127
Vtech CS6529-26 Vtech DS6511-4A Vtech SN6127-2
Vtech CS6529-27 Vtech DS6521 Vtech SN6187
Vtech CS6529-3 Vtech DS6521-2 Vtech SN6197
Vtech CS6528-3 Vtech DS6520-22 Vtech SN6196
Vtech CS6529-4 Vtech DS6521-3 Vtech SN6197-2
Vtech CS6529-4B Vtech DS6522-3 Vtech SN6196-2
Vtech CS6528-4 Vtech DS6522-32 Vtech SN6147
Vtech CS6529-5 Vtech DS6521-4 Vtech SN6146
Vtech CS6528-5 Vtech DS6522-4 Vtech SN6147-2
Vtech CS6619 Vtech DS6641 Vtech SN6146-2
Vtech CS6619-15 Vtech DS6641-2
Vtech CS6619-16 Vtech DS6642-4
Vtech CS6619-2 Vtech DS6671-2
Vtech CS6619-3 Vtech DS6671-3
Vtech CS6619-4 Vtech DS6671-4
Vtech CS6629 Vtech DS6672-4
Vtech CS6629-2 Vtech DS6673-2
Vtech CS6629-3 Vtech DS6673-3
Vtech CS6629-4 Vtech DS6673-6
Vtech CS6649 Vtech DS6673-6C
Vtech CS6649-2 Vtech DS6670-6C
Vtech CS6648-2 Vtech DS6751
Vtech CS6649-3 Vtech DS6751-2
Vtech CS6648-3 Vtech DS6751-3
Vtech CS6719 Vtech LS6191
Vtech CS6719-15 Vtech LS6191-13
Vtech CS6719-16 Vtech LS6191-15
Vtech CS6719-17 Vtech LS6191-16
Vtech CS6719-2 Vtech LS6191-17
Vtech CS6719-25 Vtech LS6195
Vtech CS6719-26 Vtech LS6195-13
Vtech CS6719-3 Vtech LS6195-15
Vtech CS6729 Vtech LS6195-16
Vtech CS6729-2 Vtech LS6195-17
Vtech CS6729-21 Vtech LS6185
Vtech CS6729-26 Vtech LS6185-13
Vtech CS6729-3 Vtech LS6185-15
Vtech CS6729-4 Vtech LS6185-16
Vtech CS6729-4D Vtech LS6185-17
Vtech CS6729-5 Vtech LS6181
AT&T CL81113
AT&T CL81213
AT&T CL81313
AT&T CL82103
AT&T CL82203
AT&T CL82303
AT&T CL82353
AT&T CL82403
AT&T CL82453
AT&T CL82503
AT&T CL82553
AT&T CL82113
AT&T CL82213
AT&T CL82313
AT&T CL82413
AT&T CL82463
AT&T CL83113
AT&T CL83213
AT&T CL83313
AT&T CL83413
AT&T CL83463
AT&T CLP99183
AT&T CLP99283
AT&T CLP99383
AT&T CLP99353
AT&T CLP99483
AT&T CLP99453
AT&T CLP99583
AT&T CLP99553
AT&T CRL32102
AT&T CRL32202
AT&T CRL32352
AT&T CRL32302
AT&T CRL32452
AT&T CRL81112
AT&T CRL81212
AT&T CRL82112
AT&T CRL82212
AT&T CRL82312
AT&T CRL82352
AT&T CRL82412
AT&T CRL82452
AT&T EL51103
AT&T EL51203
AT&T EL52103
AT&T EL52113
AT&T EL52203
AT&T EL52213
AT&T EL52253
AT&T EL52303
AT&T EL52313
AT&T EL52353
AT&T EL52403
AT&T EL52503
AT&T TL88102
AT&T TL88202
AT&T TL86103
AT&T TL92273
AT&T TL92373
AT&T TL92473
AT&T TL96273
AT&T TL96373
AT&T TL96423

Type: — New
Condition: New
Packaging:  Box 


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    • Bluetooth®-enabled Streaming
    • Wirelessly stream music from the latest tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other Bluetooth®-enabled devices.
    • Speakerphone
    • Register the speaker to your mobile or DECT 6.0 cordless phone to easily answer cellular and landline calls even when you’re in another room.
    • Works with many models of VTech and AT&T expandable cordless phones*
    • The MA3222 works with many popular cordless phones, making it easy to add a high quality, hands-free option to your current home system.
    • 3W 3.2″ Hi-Fidelity Speaker
    • Enjoy superior sound and portability!
    • No AC power required
    • The unit works without the need for AC Power. Requires NiMH rechargeable battery pack to operate.
    • 3-Party Conferencing
    • Allows you to have a 3-way conversation between you and a call from your cell phone and a call from the DECT cordless phone.
    • Speaker volume control
    • Ringer volume control
    • USB port for charging